creating precision light and control


The JAL-MAXI-W is designed to facilitate cinematic quality, dimmable, permanent, external architectural white light still image projection. This is a direct descendent for the JAL-MIDI-RGB & W profile light system that we developed in 2006.


Based around Luminus Devices CSM360 the Maxi-W system creates a stable platform through which precise, subtle image and beam shaping solutions can be achieved for each unique project. We have designed the system to fully control the beam in any way that the lens and film technologies allow.
Our bespoke hand crafted system is only available in limited numbers on a build to order basis. Recently completed projects include From Mizen Mast in Hull, Mareel in Shetland and Hryre in Chester and our technology has developed from strength to strength. 
We are currently developing an RGB version and expect to be launching it in 2013. Watch this space.

key technical information
Principle Dimensions:
Optical Design:
Focussing Lenses:
Gobo Size:
Light Source:
Power Supply:
Lamp Cooling:
Dmx Control (8bit):
Dmx Control (16bit):