creating precision light and control


Developed in collaboration with Shauna McMullen this text, light and sound work forms a subtle layer within the fabric of the new footbridge by McDowel+Benedetti and the adjacent public realm.
The soundscape also performs the critical function of acting as an audible warning for the rotating footbridge.Triggered by the movement of the bridge a harmonic arrangement of ships bells highlights the moving edges as well as adding a dynamic sound scape to the place as a whole. 16 speakers are integrated into the fabric of the site creating a highly complex spatial sound experience. Each speaker produces a independent sound channel controlled via specially fabricated computer controlled MP3 players.
The light text work takes its inspiration from the historical use of the hull wharf through using the names of the parts of the merchant sailing ships. From the highest point on the ship (Mizzen Mast) to the lowest (Sandstroke) the words appear on a bronze line that marks out the public realm.

Scale Lane Staith, Hull City Centre, Hull

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