creating precision light and control


Jalarka is founded on a passion for light. Over the past 5 years we created and delivered aesthetic and technical solutions for ambitious, dynamic, external and architectural light based installations. We have developed and fabricated a family of high power external dimmable projection systems, a variable beam RGB system, specialist control software for large array dynamic installations and even a portable wind power solution for temporary landscape installations.


Multimedia artist Nayan Kulkarni’s work engages with ideas of site specificity, time, technology and perception. These themes are manifested through diverse media such as light, video, installation, sculpture and photography. Kulkarni has developed a keen interest in the potential of site specific and collaborative practice. Many projects have included working with urban planners, landscape/architects, lighting designers, artists, illustrators and engineers as well as exhibition, curatorial and publication ventures. Kulkarni is currently on the board of Ixia, the Public Art Think Tank.